Want To Paint Your Car On Your Own? Use These Tips

If you've got some paint damage on your car, you might want to tackle the problem yourself. In order to get the best results and protect yourself as you work, use the tips below.

Have the Right Protective Gear for Yourself, the Car and the Space

Before you even get started, you'll need to ensure that you have the right protective gear for yourself and the space. You might already have some gloves on hand to prevent spatters, but it's also important to have a respirator mask to protect your lungs from any paint fumes. You should also wear goggles.

You will also need to have tarps and cloths on hand to protect your basement floor or grass if you're working outside. Use tape and masking paper to protect tires and windows so that you don't have to worry that you'll mark up other car parts while you apply paint.

Clean the Car

Debris and dirt can make a paint job look sloppy and unprofessional. That's why you've got to ensure that your car is as clean as possible before you begin painting. Sand away any scratches and use compressed air to get into the crevices in the trunk lid and other hard-to-reach places, and then scrub the car down with soapy water. After the car is cleaned, allow it to dry completely so that leftover moisture doesn't interfere with the paint you apply.

Check the Paint Temperature Requirements

It's important to look at the temperature requirements detailed on the paint container you want to use and then check the temperature inside the space where you plan to paint. You might want to skip this step, but doing so can affect how long the paint takes to dry and how long you have to wait before you apply a new coat.

Stir Paint as You Go Along

You might be so focused on spraying the car that you don't pay much attention to the paint itself, but keep in mind that some of the product will sink to the bottom of the spray tank. As you go along, take some time to stir the paint inside the tank so that the viscosity can remain uniform.

Painting your car can be a challenge; even with all of the tips laid out for you, you may require assistance from a professional. Consult local auto paint services for any help you need. For more information, see a website such as http://www.autobodyomaha.com.