Modern Truck Body Repair Improvements To Make Your Car Immune To Bumps And Bruises

You may spend a lot of time driving your trucks, and you probably like them to look clean and new. Over the years, your car can be damaged by things that are not your fault. Problems like a loose bumper cover, scratches and dings may not affect how your car performs, but they can be unsightly. Today, there are solutions that can help stop this damage when you have auto body work done. Here are some modern truck body improvements that can save your car from unsightly scrapes and bruises:

1. Fix Your Scrapes And Scratches With Scratch Resistant Paints

There are a lot of scrapes and scratches that can damage your truck. This can be due to debris getting kicked up off the road. To reduce the scratches to your paint job, there are special paints. You may want to talk with a fleet maintenance service about using this type of paint to add a clear coat to all your fleet vehicles and trucks.

2. Protect Your Bumper With An Impact Resistant Bumper Cover

The bumpers of vehicles in your fleet can also be a problem. This is usually due to manufacturers using plastics for covers and rivets that hold them on. You may want to consider using dent-resistant bumper covers. These are usually light, rubber-like materials that pop out after they have been hit. For larger vehicles and trucks in you fleet, you may want to consider using a metal bumper that will be more durable and can easily be repaired.

3. Paint-less Dent Repairs To Take The Ugly Dings Out Of Your Auto Body

There may be times when vehicles in your fleet should have light body repairs done. When the dings and bumps need to be removed, talk with the maintenance service about paint-less repairs. They can remove the dents without the need to repaint vehicles, which can be very costly if you have many vehicles in your fleet. You may also want to consider replacing some body parts with more durable materials if you have to have any truck body parts replaced. This can help reduce the repair costs from small, unsightly dings on vehicles.

With improvements like dent repair without paint, impact resistant bumper covers, and scratch resistant paints, your car can always look like new. If you need to have simple body work done, contact a commercial fleet repair service and ask them about some of these improvements.