3 Things You Should Do When Taking Your Vehicle to a Repair Shop

There are a few things you can do when taking your vehicle to the repair shop to ensure that your needs and expectations will be met. Here are three important tasks that shouldn't be overlooked.

Visit the Facility Beforehand

Consider visiting the repair facility before taking your vehicle in if possible. This will allow you to meet the mechanics, to see how well the facility is taken care of, and to check out where your vehicle will be kept until the repairs are made you and you can take it back home again.

And you can make sure that you feel comfortable about leaving your car there without having to feel like you're backed into a corner because you already made the repair appointment. If for any reason you don't feel comfortable with the facility or those who are working there, you can simply leave and find another auto repair shop to work with.

Request a Work Timeline

It's reasonable to think that the repair shop will let you know as soon as your vehicle is repaired and ready to go. But if they get busy, they may forget to make that call right away. They might even put off doing some of the repair work you're waiting on to accommodate the needs of other customers.

By asking for a working timeline when you bring your vehicle in for repairs, your service provider will understand how important getting your car back quickly is to you. They'll provide you with a timeline estimate and work hard to meet that timeline, so you're satisfied with their services when all is said and done.

Inquire About Warranty Coverage  

It's also a good idea to find out whether any parts that will be used to repair your vehicle comes with warranty protection. Some may, and some may not. And if you leave it up to your service provider to choose parts for you, they could end up choosing the stuff that doesn't come with a warranty. You may also be able to purchase extended warranties for the more expensive parts.

But if you don't ask about the option you may not be offered it until it comes time to pay for the repairs at which point you may not have budgeted for it. Knowing about your warranty options ahead of time will help ensure that you have the opportunity to budget for the warranty before having your vehicle repaired.

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