What Types Of Work Do Auto Body Collision Repair Services Do?

If you were involved in a collision and are ready to get your car back in good shape, then you might be planning on taking it to an auto body collision repair service. However, you might be curious about just what types of work these companies do. These are some of the tasks that an auto body collision repair service will typically handle.

Performing Estimates

If your insurance company is going to be paying for your car repairs, they might require you to get a cost estimate. If you are going to be paying out of pocket, you might want to get estimates from a few different places so that you can find the best possible deal. Either way, you will be happy to know that auto body collision repair services will typically perform thorough estimates to let their customers — and their customer's insurance companies — know about how much it will cost to have vehicle repairs done.

Replacing Damaged Auto Body Parts

In some cases, the best option for a collision repair service is to completely replace damaged auto body parts. For example, if your car's door is completely destroyed, it might make more sense for the repair shop to install a whole new door instead of attempting to repair your existing door. In many cases, brand new parts are used. However, in some cases, used parts are used.

Repairing the Damaged Frame

If you were involved in a serious collision, there is a chance that your vehicle's frame was damaged in the process. If this is the case, then repairing the frame is important. Otherwise, your vehicle might not be safe to operate. Experienced collision repair professionals can check for frame damage and can perform the necessary repairs to straighten or otherwise repair your vehicle's frame.

Performing Dent Repair

Your vehicle might have been dented in the collision, and the technicians at the repair shop should be able to fix these dents. In some cases, paintless dent repair is an option. In other cases, more in-depth dent repairs have to be done.

Repainting the Vehicle

Some or all of your vehicle might have to be repainted after body repair is done. A good auto body collision repair service should be able to color match to ensure that they use the proper color when painting your vehicle. They will make sure that your vehicle is properly prepared for painting and should ensure that the paint is properly and evenly applied.

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